2024 Week 6 Recap Mixed with Week 7 Prediction

by Jeff Gunn

Sabers at Guardians

Sabers 60 - Guardians 0

Well Sabers, it’s been fun. You did force BT to turn the ball over 5 times. Still wasn’t enough. Hopefully #11 Frost has a quick and healthy recovery. I saw that X-Ray. I don’t think you’re technically officially eliminated, but you’d need a ton of help. Enjoy running it up on the Guardians this weekend. There’s literally nothing to write in Guardians match ups. Sorry. Then you get a Bye, and a great match up with the Warhawks. Hope you guys are back next year… with a little more humility and a lot less delusion. Maybe start with breaking a plastic airplane next year instead of a trident. But seriously, you guys have had a solid first year, and are great for the ICFL. One of the most organized and helpful members of the league.

Savage at Black Tide

Savage 6 - Black Tide 33

Savage recently removed several bad apples from the roster, including Clausen (big surprise there). Between the cuts, the quits, the injuries, etc. they’ve already contacted me to notify me they’ll have a hard time fielding a team this weekend. Shocker. That’s been Savage MO vs BT since the beginning of their franchise (minus once). Savage vs BT has happened like 10 times, and 9 of them they’ve recruited randoms from the stands, and begged whoever was willing to play against us to show up. This week they added a couple new signings including Cris Quintero who never technically served his suspension for punching Nick Dottellis last year. There’s technically 38 on the roster, so if you’re scared and just don’t show, that’s so weak. Some real Jared Hicks shit. (Last year skipped the BT game, then came and said Hi at the Horsemen game later that night). As long as Jai Jones and Orlando Clay are there, you’ll be fine. Looking forward to going against QB Allen Gallegos, who we sent over there. I like the kid, but he knows the defense he’s about to face. Kevin if you bail on this weekend, you ain’t hearing the end of it. Smith, Park, Kolaker, Ullrich, McCowan, McCray. You guys have all had solid seasons. But if you expect to be included in any of my All-Star votes, you better be there tomorrow or I’m picking Guardians over you guys, who btw you better hope you can beat next week.

BT made a big switch at QB and welcomed back the reigning MVP. 5 fumbles made things look rough in the first half, but 32 straight to close the game showed sparks of potential if we can put together a full game. Savage this weekend, back to back Byes, then Aztecs which is basically a playoff game.


1. No Turnovers 

2. 100 Pass Yards. 

3. Shutout.

Bold Prediction – BT will score on ST. Savage will ask for running clock or no ST early.

Warhawks at Alphas - GAME OF THE WEEK! 

Warhawks 13 - Alphas 27

Damnit Warhawks, you guys had chances against the number one team. How do you return a kickoff for 76 yards into their red zone and not score? I did see some questionable toss calls on 3rdand 12 you guys should probably review. For this weekend, I’d do everything I can to get Lopez outside the pocket and picking up chunks with his legs. He’s too valuable to get hit, so get your free ones and slide. Bowers roams the middle, so avoid that. Blancas plays press man almost every play, and he’s good at it. But nobody can cover for 15 seconds. Once Lopez breaks the tackle box, keep eyes downfield and make the DB’s choose between staying in coverage or tackling the QB. Anyway, your playoffs start this weekend. Must win game against Alphas this weekend, then a loss to the Dors, then another must win vs Sabers.


1. Hold Bowers/Eldredge under 100 yards rushing.

2. Force 2 Turnovers on Defense. 

3. Lopez 40+ yards rushing.

Alphas, you’ve had all week to prepare for Warhawks. A win damn near locks you into the 4 seed. But a loss could be problematic with Tecs/Dors looming. Treat this one like a playoff game. Which means heavy dose of Bow Wow both ways. Keep 12 in the pocket, 11 will get 20 rush attempts, 34 is who to watch out for on defense. Gut says you guys are the better team, and should win, but travelling is the great equalizer.


1. Thompson/Anderson combine for 60+ receiving.

2. Hammer/Little combine for 3+ Sacks.

3. Blancas/Dyer/Woolsey combine for 2+ TO’s.

Best Match Up – Bowser vs Papa Roach

Biggest Mismatch – Alpha DB’s over Warhawk WR’s

Bold Prediction – Too cliché to say that team with most turnovers/penalties loses. But it is true, and that close of a match up. For something more bold, I’ll say the team that scores first actually loses the game.