2024 Week 3 Recap Mixed with Week 4 Predictions

by Jeff Gunn

Savage at Sabers

Savage 24 - Sabers 26

The Savage winning streak ended at 2, and as predicted, we found out who they really were. A 4 seed contender. And this week will go a long way toward deciding that final playoff spot. (Odds are Savage, Alphas, Warhawks, Sabers in that order). Koby didn’t play against the Dors, So Taco and Gallegos both stepped into that role and each tossed a Tuddy (I told you those Dors CB’s were susceptible to 9 balls). Unfortunately, they both paid for their sins and are out this week. So we get the return of King Koby (missing 3 starting OL this week as well). Welcome back Jai Jones with 14 tkls (+ 3 souls which is a stat we don’t officially count). You guys still haven’t scored after a single TD. Why do you even roster a kicker? This week, I’m telling you every point is going to matter. I think Orlando goes OFF this week. I know, you’re missing a couple OL. But they were your weak spot anyway, so how much worse can the replacements be? 11 Sacks given up last week? Are you kidding me? And the Sabers Run D has not been great? As you guys build your Clay statue, they’ll walk everyone down. Which is when you need your pass weapons to step up for Kobes. Pin(ce) Kolaker only had 1 catch for 20 yds last week. Need more outta him and AJ. Though it was nice to see RJ come out of his coma and record a meaningful stat. On defense, it really just depends who plays QB. Hayden is much different than Spencer (Hey, are your QB’s related?) And the Sabers added another QB this week. Which to me, tells me Hayden is out, or why keep adding QB’s? I love what you guys have done to this point, keep it goin’.


1. Get Orlando as many touches as possible. He wins you this game.

2. OC call short routes, and Koby don’t hang on to it. Missing OL means ball out quick.

3. Limit Saber playmakers. (Specifically RB #22 Morris Bunn & WR #9 Brig Johnson).

Sticking with HBO, Sabers, this is the Theon moment in Game of Thrones. You know when the detestable character everyone loves to hate goes through so much punishment and finally gets his… (uhhhsausage) cut off, so you start to feel bad for him? This could be your redemption story. But even Theon needed Sansa. You need your prized princess. If you have Hayden, this is your first program Dub. If you don’t, this game is a coin toss. Hayden, you’re not playin’ Arya? No matter who is taking snaps, they’ll rely heavily on your White Walker (Brig). I love that you finally put Bunn Snow on offense. 7 att for 35 yards looks pedestrian, but against the Dor(thraki), that’s legit. It’s double this week. So imagine if you get him 10+ carries. But no matter who the skills are, this line protects about as well as the city walls did against Daenerys Dragons. On defense you doubled your Sack production this week. You’ll have to contain this week because King Koby escapes better than the Blackfish. #20 is the guy that can hurt you, the best swordsman in the land. So cut his good hand off by keying on him everywhere he goes. And Tyrion says, definitely do not kick him the egg. Came Hale is a huge late season addition (11 tkl, FR, INT, defl last week). Came in late to save your butts like The Vale. Speaking of Battle of the Bastards, this will be a coaching duel of who can take away the others stars more effectively. And if you come out victorious, you’ll be able to count your total wins on your little finger.


1. Ball in Morris Bunns hands 12+ times. 

2. Hold #20 under 100 total yards (including ST) 

3. Re-create buy in. (7 players cut in the last couple weeks, 7 new players added).

Best Match Up – Savage Butterfinger WR’s vs Saber predictable Zone defense

Biggest Mismatch – Brig vs whoever covers him. Just realized he’s playing his former team!

Bold Prediction – Which ever player has the better game between Clay and Bunn wins this game. Both OL’s horrendous, so playmakers gotta make big plays.

Guardians at Warhawks

Guardians 0 – Warhawks 53

That last one got a little weird, I admit. Guardians have added 9 new players. Which is good because I think they’ve lost at least that many in the same amount of time. My records show them at 26 total players right now. Can’t wait to see which half of them show up for the game, have no identity, no effort, and no hope. Just have fun I guess.

Warhawks, you got the game you wanted. It didn’t go very well for you guys, or I guess it did, because it could have been much worse if we could connect on wide open WR’s ever. You guys do flow and gang tackle well though, and you definitely didn’t play scared on D. But getting Lopez back is huge. And he’s going off this week. He will throw for 200+ and I’m sure their WR that guaranteed me he’d go off against us (1 Rec. 5 yds last week) will jump back into my DMs to tell me how great he is… against the Guardians. Speaking of crazy WR’s, what was #17’s deal? He practiced with us Wednesday, we didn’t have room for him on our roster, so we helped him get to you guys. He signed too late to play, but we waived it, did him a favor and allowed him to play anyway. And all he did was be a jerk for 3 straight quarters before finally being ejected for 2 Unsportsmanlike penalties. You’re welcome Garrett. (2 rec. 20 yds). Parham should rack up 3 6 Packs this weekend. Anyway, this week will be a fun stat padding friendly for the offense. Defense, sorry. Stats are few and far between vs Guardians. Garrison Roach, the only Warhawk in the top 15 in tackles (21 tkl), better play closer to the LoS if you want tackles. They throw it up too fast (usually to nobody) to get any Sacks this week.


1. Get the passing game back on track (38 pass yds vs BT last week). 

2. Pitch the shutout. (Guardians haven’t scored a point all year).

3. Stay healthy in a game that doesn’t matter.

Alphas AT Black Tide

Alphas 0 – Black Tide 34

Alphas, you guys are the least consistent team in the league. Huge win, followed by getting shut out, then you win in blowout fashion, now travel to the Champs. You have guys in different positions every week on defense. Sometimes a guy will be having a huge 1stquarter, get subbed out and we won’t see him again till the 4th. Other times, a guy will be completely lazy, take plays off and stay in the whole game. Bowers barely played last week. I assume to save him for this one. And you’ll need him. The biggest question is how to deploy him. He’s your best chance to score. But then he get’s beat up and tired, and less effective on D. And you need him to stop BT’s run game. But then he can’t carry the rock every other play. I know he’s a gamer, but I promise you, he has our respect. We will know exactly where #27 is every play. Is it legal to change jerseys every drive? Bassett? Eldredge, this will be your biggest test to date. A faster rush than you’ve seen thus far. Your OL is miniature. Usually more athletic than DL’s, but not this week. You’ll be able to make some plays, but you’re going to pay for them. Because we hit QB’s. A lot. It’s just what we do. On defense, you have the same problem. Buncha lil’ Jeff Gunns out there at DE. But adding Carlos Enriquez is a good pick up! And your laziest player at DT. He’s gonna have a tough day. Our OL sees it on film and they’re already fighting about who gets to pancake him. DB’s keep everything in front and don’t let anyone run by you.


1. 50+ Rush Yards from someone other than Bowers/Eldredge. (Same as last week. You accomplished it, and you’ll need it again). 

2. Under 2 TO’s. BT capitalizes on them and scores more on Defense than anyone else.

3. Focus on BT run game, and force them to throw to beat you.

BT, second week in a row you’ve released a player, then helped him get to the team you’re playing against that week. This time it’s LB Leo Gonzalez. Please don’t be a jerk like Garrett was last week. On offense, you have to prove to the league you can throw, or nobody will respect it. This isn’t a shot at QB’s. I’m not saying you suck, I’m saying you’re much better than you’ve played. 19/41 (43% Comp) ain’t it dudes. And you’re getting opportunities. We’ve only called 30 Run plays. They’ve added up to 240 yards (217 total passing yards). You see the problem? You have the best OL in the entire league. We’ve given up 0 Sacks all year. So just settle down, take your time, have fun like practice, and don’t over think it. I know you guys are capable, because I see you do it against the best defense in the league weekly. The Alphas don’t blitz near as much as Warhawks. #27 is exactly the same as #34 last week (spy/blitz/back out tendencies). #33 is physical, and often fakes the blitz, but rarely comes. They bring backside pressure in overload formations. (ex. Trips Right, they will blitz from your left). DL is 100 lbs. less than every OL across the board, so we should be able to over power. On defense, you know your theme. #27 everywhere he goes. #20 is the smaller speed back/slot. #3 is their best WR. #10 is the good TE, #0 is the tall one. Lotta misdirection, lotta play action. Keep eye discipline, hit the QB when he rolls out. He has the strongest arm we’ve seen so far, so stay deep in coverage. And when he throws off his back foot, as he often does, take it back to the house. Anything less than shut out is failure.


1. 60% completions. They don’t have to be deep, but we have to complete passes. 

2. Continue the 0 Sack streak. Goes a long way toward QB confidence.

3. Hold Bowser under 100 total yards.

Best Match Up – Alpha LB’s vs BT RB’s

Biggest Mismatch – Both BT Lines vs both Alpha Trenches

Bold Prediction – BT adds a new RB to the mix this week to take some pressure off Proffit and Q. Who could it be?!?!? Alphas decide to play Bowers 1 way. They choose defense. In the second half, they haven’t moved the ball so he puts himself in on offense as well.

Matadors at Diamondbacks

Matadors 60 – Dbax 0

I’ve been calling out that Matador OL (5 sacks given up in Week 1 Loss, then only 1 last week). This week they gave up 0 Sacks. And it showed as QB Jared Smith picked up his second ICFL O Player of the Week Award (305 yds, 3 TD). In so, the Dors remain an Air Raid team (38 pass att vs 18 rush att), and cruised. This week will be no different. Dors travel, and to those that make the trip will go the spoils. “You get a TD, you get a TD, you get a TD.” On D, holy hell, have a day why don’t ya? 11 Sacks. 5 TO’s, 2 Def TD. Much of the same this week. And lastly, I saw you guys had a new punt returner this week. Since the Week 1 blunder, you guys have gotten better every week, and this week you guys will dominate again with little resistance.


1. No sacks given up. 

2. Spread the ball around, get Jared Smith a 3rd consecutive O PotW.

3. Score on Defense/ST.

Diamondbacks, guys. Ugh. I want you guys to be who you were last year, but you’re just not. In fact, you’re dangerously close to Guardian treatment, where I just don’t write anything because it’s an automatic bye for whoever plays you. The main difference is you guys still have fight in you. You guys at least still try. I hope you can keep that up all year, I know it’s a grind. I’ve been there. Last week you put up 37 Pass yards, and 38 Rush Yards. And now you’re playing a much better opponent. There’s no shot to win, but to keep it as respectable as possible, you gotta bring pressure. The Dors are gonna throw all over you. But even if you’re in great coverage, their athletes will outplay your DB’s anyway. So your best bet is to try and make QB uncomfortable. They’ll run the rock to keep ya honest, but that isn’t what the Dors want to do. So I’d let em do it. I’d play a deep zone (2 or 3) and bring 6 every play at em’. They’ll score a bunch. But the idea is that every once in a while you can force them into a mistake. On offense, just keep Clark healthy. That DL is disgusting, so don’t let him take that beating all day, or ya risk losing him.


1. Supportive Energy. Still more important than winning. Change the culture, change the chemistry, change your future. You can win 2-3 games this year. 

2. Hurry the QB every pass play. You won’t usually get home, but get him off balance and in his head. 

3. Keep running the ball. I know, it won’t work. You won’t get yards, so you’ll want to abandon it. But you gotta keep the clock moving.

Bold Prediction – 6 different Matadors score this week. Less than 6 DBax record an offensive stat this week.